Mechanisms For Dealing With Difficult Times

These are definitely challenging and trying times. We are all dealing with uncertainty that is foreign. As the quarantines are becoming more strict and the statistics rise, the pandemic becomes more daunting. Below are some things you can adopt while the world is on timeout.

Limit Your News Time
Although it’s good to keep yourself informed on updates, it’s imperative that we limit how much news we consume. It’s so easy to be fixated on the news although feel-good news segments are rarely broadcasted on many news channels. This only increases anxiety and worrying about the unknown.

Watch a Movie
Distract your mind from what may be happening outside your home with a movie. This is a great time to catch up on movies and TV shows you have been missing out on while at work.

Pick Up a Hobby
Have you been putting off a hobby or project due to the busyness of your work life? Tap into those activities you've been putting off. Pick up that instrument you’ve been wanting to learn or those knitting needles and yarn. Chances are these activities will make your soul happier.

Rest and Check-In
Believe it or not resting is hard for many. Taking a few days to scan your body and become attuned with what you are feeling is a great way to check in with yourself. Give yourself a pedicure or just have a cup of tea in silence. Call your distant loved ones and provide comfort to each other during these trying times.

Read a Book
Whether it’s fiction or an autobiography, a good book will transport you to a different world. Not only will you learn something new, you will also escape for some time.

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