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Turmeric recently became very popular and although my mother has always cooked with turmeric, I was never aware of its benefits. With more research I've come to adore the root. The more I saw Instagram posts of turmeric drinks, the more curious I became and eventually found GOLDE. Their simple ingredients list, spice mix, and use of coconut milk were so appealing. So I decided to try. 

I was excited when I finally got my hands on a GOLDE Tonic Blend. The aroma of the powder reminded me of Swahili food which took me home (Kenya). I warmed up a cup with some water, milk, and a heaping teaspoon of the powder. The flavors reminded me of a cup of chai and the drink was very relaxing. The drink quickly replaced my morning cup of chai and I must say I did not miss chai.

Some benefits I saw from drinking the Turmeric Tonic were:

1) My body always felt more relaxed after a cup of GOLDE. Not only is it a go-to drink before bed but also in the mornings as I am able to begin my day relaxed and clear-minded.

2) My skin appears more vibrant and breakouts are at bay. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties which calm the skin and reduce breakouts. This has also reduced hyperpigmentation. Yes!

3) My stomach usually feels calm. This might be attributed to the anti-inflammatory properties of the spice. This is a testament to other benefits the drink has provided that I may have not even noticed. 

Needless to say I am very impressed with the drink. I wanted to be sure that the Nala Essentials family knew about the tonic and its benefits. Be sure to pick up Cacao GOLDE and let us know what you think. Have you ever had a turmeric drink?

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