Inner-Child Healing

Inner child work is so necessary for the healing and development of our emotions, unhealthy patterns, damaging self-talk, and more.⁠ While doing this work you may find yourself curled into a ball sobbing because the little girl in you probably never got the chance to process the trauma. ⁠

This type of work is hard but it definitely strengthens your emotional intelligence. You will have a healthier response to triggering situations. Whether that may be letting it roll right off your shoulder or reminding yourself that you are safe, triggering situations will be less paralyzing.⁠

Some ways to connect to your inner-child:⁠

· Look at pictures of yourself as a child⁠
·Use mantras like “you’re safe”, and “I am here to take care of you”.⁠
·Write a letter to your inner-child.⁠
·Do a body-scan. Turn inward. Our bodies hold unworked emotions and information.⁠

Remember to go easy with yourself. Healing is not rushed. Go at your own pace.⁠

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