Keep Social During Social Distancing

We are a communal species who need human interaction and touch. Interaction with others is critical for health and wellness. During these times we are deprived of healthy interactions and some might find it especially difficult to adjust to our new normal. We are so grateful for online social modalities and have compiled a list of ways you can utilize your electronic device to get your daily dose of socializing.

Virtual Dates
Are you reminiscing brunch with the girls? Well, get your girls and hop on Zoom! Get everyone to make their ideal brunch, pour some mimosas and enjoy each other. This is a fun way to catch up while also getting people off the couch to look nice and make themselves a special meal.

Online Wellness Communities
More and more wellness practitioners are hosting their wellness classes online. If time or distance has been holding you back from trying new wellness classes, well you are now out of excuses. Most of these classes can be replayed at your leisure and you can practice them at your own pace. Joining a good wellness community will be good for your body, mind, and soul.

Get on Instagram Live
Now more than ever people are hosting Lives. If you are feeling extra social, go ahead and start a live either by yourself or with someone you resonate with. Simply start a conversation on what you are interested in and with time people who also share your interests will join in on the fun.

Try the TikTok Challenges
TikTok is picking up a lot of traction and we're sure you’ve seen the fun challenges going viral. If you’ve had the slightest curiosity about doing a challenge be sure to join in on the fun! Whether or not you make a public video or you just do it for yourself, learning the dance will have you feeling more connected with the global community.

Listen to a Podcast
A good podcast can be educational, funny, and communal. If you are new to podcasts a great way to start is to look into the people you enjoy following on other social media platforms. They will either already have their own podcast, have been invited as a guest on a podcast, or they have shared some of their favorite podcasts. When you find one that resonates, you will be in for a treat.

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