Take Time For Yourself

If you live in the US then you know this is a society of “keep going” aka Capitalism. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it has afforded us better than average lifestyles of Starbucks runs and even business opportunities to make our lives better. Now don’t get me wrong I am a heavy participant of Capitalism and Nala Essentials is a great example of that but I also recognize how it can harm our mental health.

I too get anxiety from feeling like I am not posting enough content or better yet just not doing enough of anything. Moments like these can be paralyzing. I realize that I will always be ambitious and determined therefore I must find better coping mechanisms for when I feel overwhelmed. Below are some coping mechanisms I have come up with and I hope that if you resonate with my story they will help you too.

Take a Walk
I recently began taking evening walks and what a difference they make. I return home after my 15 minute walk feeling accomplished, happier, and inspired. Taking walks has been one of the simplest yet most effective addition to my days.

I have recently taken up breathwork and wow it has provided me so much clarity and peace of mind. If you’re not too familiar with breathwork there are some really good guided Pranayama breathwork videos on YouTube. You’ll be in for a treat!

Talk to Someone
I happen to be an introvert and find myself undermining my concerns or problems because “everyone has problems” and “I don’t want to bother anyone”. In 2020 and onward I would like to manifest and build healthy relationships where we can share and help each other through this thing called life because it can get the best of us.

Get Away
And we don’t mean just stop working but plan a weekend getaway. I always feel so rejuvenated after a good getaway. One thing I would love to do eventually is go on a personal retreat up in the mountains or down by the sea. I think that spending time by myself to meditate and breath will be good for me and my mind.

I have never tried therapy but have heard a lot of great things. I want to include regular therapy sessions into my regimen. Once I begin I’ll be sure to update you on my experience. If you’ve tried therapy please share in the comments how it has helped you.

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