Ways to Quiet The Mind

Quieting the mind is more important now than ever. We have quicker and more access to news and stories. Social media is constantly bombarding us with updates on what others are doing which may leave us feeling clouded with information. Not only can this lead to comparison and confusion, it is also draining.

Clarity is necessary for us to identify our passions and life’s work. When we know exactly what we should be doing, it’s easier to identify the steps necessary to realize our fullest potential. We are also empowered in deciphering what needs our time and attention. Below are some exercises we have tried that may help you quiet your mind and gain clarity. You absolutely do not need to adopt all these practices all at once nor should you, but start with one and commit to it. Let’s see what happens.

Of course meditation had to make the list. Nala Essentials is a big proponent of meditating. Whether you are able to meditate for five minutes or are an avid meditator, the practice of meditation has been proven to calm and quiet the mind. Guided meditations are highly recommended. There are a plethora of free guided meditations on YouTube that will help you release a stressful day at work or even self-doubt. The trick to meditation is consistency. It's a great way to recalibrate your mind.


Yoga means union. Union with spirit, union with the elements, and most importantly union with self. There are eight limbs of yoga which include meditation and breathwork but we are talking about the asanas; the image that comes to mind when someone says yoga. The practice is a great way to really become in tune and aware of your body and as you continue the practice you will learn the power of the mind and its relation to our beliefs of what we can achieve.


Although breathwork is still gaining it momentum as far as popularity, it is so powerful. Breathwork is the physical act of breathing in the good and positive then exhaling the negative emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that may be holding you back from self-actualization. There are numerous breathwork practitioners on YouTube that can teach you more on the practice and even lead a guided breathwork session. A good source being Michelle D’Avella from Pushing Beauty. Your life will never be the same.


We have control over what we allow to affect us. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the news or maybe you’ve notices a slight shift in your mood after scrolling on the Gram, then it might be time to unplug. You can start by turning off unnecessary notifications and eventually uninstalling social media apps for a day and gradually adding days to your purge.

Our founder, Wendy, tried this for the whole of February and she was so impressed by the amount of peace this gave her. She found that she was actually more affected by mindlessly scrolling on Instagram than she had ever admitted. What she loved most about the experience was that she came to a point where she made decisions about her day without the thought of whether she was doing enough. She was doing what she wanted to do without any influence from social media and this was liberating. An unplugging once in a while is imperative to our mental wellness.

These are just a few practices we came up with. We hope that you find relief from some practices mentioned above. If you have tried some of these before, please leave a comment below and let's discuss your thoughts on them. Stay well!

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