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safe ingredients

Self care should not be toxic. At Nala Essentials we believe that non-toxic self care products are integral to wellness and good health. We are determined to bring you natural, safe and effective products.


Nala Essentials

Meet our founder


Wendy is passionate about wellness and an advocate of clean living. 

Nala Essentials was created because Wendy wanted a place where she can find clean products that also catered to her needs as a woman of color.

Her vision for Nala Essentials is a place where people can find high quality products while learning and practicing various forms of wellness.


That are safe

The skin is our largest organ and easily absorbs toxins we apply on it. We believe that self care and feeling good should not be at the cost of wellness and good health.

We have compiled a list of restricted ingredients we will never carry at Nala Essentials which can be found here ---->


The best

We are not interested in carrying every product, just those we feel are the best.

Learn more about our selection process here -->


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